It’s important that when you are playing flute that your fingers are as natural and as relaxed as possible. And that goes for your thumb too.

This is talking about your B thumb.

I see so many students that play with the tip of their thumb. I used to play with my thumb on its side or probably trying to be flat and bent. But then I had a teacher show me how my thumb is naturally straight to my hand. That is, the thumb is parallel to my fingers.

If you take your hand and just as relaxed as you can, lift up your arm, then see where your thumb is naturally. Why not play with your thumb in that position?

And it makes a lot of sense. So, when you’re bringing your thumb up, I keep my thumb straight, and I play basically on the side of the knuckle. Then it’s just as easy to roll over for that B flat key.

When you change your thumb position, it’s awkward at first. This new position is not comfortable. But once you get used to it, you’ll find that this is an easier movement. And it’s more relaxing for your hand.

Try this until it gets comfortable. Then let me know if it’s easier and more relaxing for you too.

Have Fun!


Watch me demonstrate this: FluteTips 16 B Thumb