Welcome to my web site for all things flute!

Here you will find all things about flute pedagogy and a whole lot more. I will address topics that are current to both professional and amateur flutists. My blog will address common problems flutists have in building all aspects of flute skills.

Over at the Flute Tips Newsletter, I will present video answers to questions about improving your flute skills. Sign up to be notified when a new video is released, and submit any questions that you want answered.

If you are new to flute and are looking to begin, I have a beginner flute class that will take you through all aspects of beginner flute.

In addition to pedagogy, I will address topics of interest to performers, teachers and students. If you are interested in extended techniques this is the place. I will discuss different pieces and the techniques involved. If you haven’t experienced extended techniques now is the time to try. It is a lot of fun and takes flute playing to a whole new level. There are serious pieces with these techniques and ones that are not so serious. But, all are equally fun to play.

I am an avid teacher and have a large flute studio. I currently teach students from grade school through college. My dissertation was on beginner flute pedagogy so I’m all about the teaching! Here’s a picture of me about to walk for my diploma on May 15, 2010.

Performing is part of my world too! Collaboration is where it is at! I love to collaborate and have a group called The Roan Trio. Our performances incorporate different artistic disciplines including dance, painting, and poetry. See the Gig page for a list of some of our performances.

I hope that you will stop by often, join the conversation, and learn about all things flute. Remember to sign up for my Flute Tips Newsletter for insights into the flute.

Lets have some fun!