If you’re playing, and you take a look in the mirror, can you tell how far apart your teeth are?

Or can you feel with your tongue how far apart your teeth are when you play?

Well, your teeth should float between being more open to being a little less open as you go up the octave.

Ahh Shaped EmbouchureIn your lowest register, your embouchure is “ahh” shape and your teeth are believe-it-or-not, an index finger and a half apart, or so. If I put my finger between my teeth and I move it up and down, that’s how wide my teeth are apart when I play my low C.

Now as I go up the octave, I’m going to definitely close that embouchure a little bit. But you know what, I’m going to fight that and try to keep that as open as I can, up in the upper register, because that will give me a more beautiful, bigger, vibrant sound.

If you’re playing with a very buzzy sound, your teeth are too close together.Tight Teeth Buzz

When you open up your teeth that buzzing sound will stop.

So, I want you to experiment with teeth spacing as you play.

Can you keep your teeth a little bit more open in your second and third octaves? And can you really open it up in your low register? You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your tone is.

Let me know how it goes for you.

Have Fun!

Dr. Flute

Watch me demonstrate this: FluteTips 9 Teeth Spacing