Are you practicing your etudes?

Andersen 24 Studies #5

Do you do them diligently every day and treat them as if they are solos?

If not, you’re missing out.Andersen 24 Studies

Etudes are an amazing way to build technique, to build stamina, to build concentration.

Being able to play an etude perfectly from the beginning to the end, at the tempo that it should be at, is a great way to practice.

Practicing etudes helps us work on all those little nitty gritty things we need to work on, these little finger things.

They work very well to come right after your technique and tone practice – move right into etudes.

So, don’t neglect etudes. Do them diligently. Do them every day and spend a lot of time on them.

You’ll be glad you did.

Practice your etudes and let me know how it goes.

Have Fun!


Watch me demonstrate this: FluteTips 14 Practicing Etudes