Do you adjust your intonation by raising and lowering your air stream?

Adjust with your mouthYou don’t want to adjust intonation by rolling in or rolling out. A better way to adjust your intonation is with your mouth by changing the direction of your air stream.

I’ve certainly seen students rolling their flute or nodding their head in bands that I’ve directed, and in flute choir. While it does solve the problem at the moment, it also compromises your tone.

More ooh in your embouchureSo, when I want to raise my air stream, I just want to get a little more “ooh” in my embouchure.

So, when I play a low note then raise my air stream, you can hear the difference as the pitch goes higher. Similarly, when I play a note then lower my air stream, you can hear the pitch go lower.

So, what you need to do is practice just raising and lowering your air stream and see how you can adjust pitch.

Do it with a tuner right in front of you to see where is it that your air stream needs to be, to be perfectly in tune. And then, as you practice this with a tuner, you’ll get to know where your air stream needs to be on every note.

So, raise and lower your airstream. Don’t roll in and out.

Try this and let me know how this goes for you.

Have Fun!

Dr. Flute

Watch me demonstrate this: FluteTips 8 Intonation Air Stream