Contrary to popular belief, there are two types of people in the world.

Tone people

Technique people

Tone people are the ones that want to practice tone the first thing. I mean can you believe that they actually enjoy getting up in the morning and then playing long tones. Oh man, I just can’t imagine playing a long tone




Not me man I’m a technique person. I need to get my facial muscles going BEFORE I even think about tone. Really, how does one simply begin with tone? Your muscles aren’t even warmed up yet. It’s substantially depressing for me to begin with tone. I mean, who does that?



After I warm up with scales, arpeggios and Taffanel and Gaubert, the sun comes out. I can then move into tone with the patience and concentration necessary for good tone production. Tone actually works. One can actually improve.

T and G exercise

So lets hear from you tone people. Let the discussion begin!

Dr. Flute