Do you keep your fingers on the flute when you play? Are you letting gravity pull them down? If not, you should be.

Your fingers need to be staying on the keys when you play.

They move much better.

They’re more efficient.

They’re faster.

And they’re less noisy when they’re staying on the keys.

Keep your A flat pinky, your E flat pinky, and your D finger near their keys.

When you’re playing a D, don’t let this first finger come up too high. It’s much more efficient to have it down than to bring it down and make it slam.

There are definitely times where I’m doing extended techniques where I’m using this kind of movement, and I want to make a lot of noise. But, in general, we flute players need to play with quite fingers.

So, work on that. Practice in front of a mirror to make sure you keep your fingers on those keys.

Don’t let your wrist come out too much so that your A flat pinky can barely get on the key. If he’s having trouble, it’s usually because you need to bend your wrist just a little bit more in, and then it will stay.

So, work on that. You need to have quiet fingers. You’ll be glad you did.

Have Fun!


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